AttackOnWrestling Attack On Wrestling #8: "Roadblocked"

Attack On Wrestling #8: “Roadblocked”

Impacto Estelar
Impacto Estelar
Attack On Wrestling #8: "Roadblocked"
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On this edition of Attack On Wrestling, the still ill Killjoy is joined by KB to discuss this week in wrestling. Taya vs Cage and if it’s good to have men and women face off in a hardcore environment plus the incredible performance by Mil Muertes. We also talk about TNA. The firing of Mr. Anderson, Matt Hardy as Champion, Good but not needed? Jeff Hardy and how batsh*t he is, TNA’s creative, etc. In WWE, we discuss the road to Wrestlemania. Is Roman Reigns really de best option to headline? Is Shane McMahon the best option for Undertaker? AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho. How did we get here so fast? And finally, KB talks about his new ebook covering the history of the WWE Intercontinental Championship. 400+ matches reviewed, every single title change. Dark matches, house show matches, EVERYTHING. KB explains patters he’s noticed with the title and more. A fun show as always.

AB Morales

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